Peter Watt music

After a few years spent overseas travelling and exploring the world, Peter realised that by following his life-long passion for music and storytelling he could maximise his positive effect on the world. At the time of this realisation, Peter was sitting in a tiny village in rural Japan eating grasshoppers, and began creating a path as a music composer.

Coming from an electronic music background, Peter Watt has diversified over a wide range of styles, varying from organic, live-recorded guitar pieces, to Epic hybrid mixtures blending synthesis, sound design and orchestration for maximum impact.

Currently setting his mind to story-driven music, Peter is involved in a number of team projects as the primary composer making bespoke music for Virtual Reality, video games and art music.



If you’d like me to compose a soundtrack or any music for your project, be it a game, animation, film, TV show, YouTube Channel or anything requiring sound, contact me at;